Website pages with unclear content



One of the main problems is that many companies do not want to speak clearly and are not going to carry to users in terms of understandable to them language the meaning of the contents of web-pages. Under present conditions , when people have become very impatient and dedicate very little time to specific sites, the problem has become very acute. The less understandable to the user the page content is, the faster he will leave it and go to another site. It is very important to inform visitors of the site as soon as possible, what interesting points are proposed to them.


Interesting, one of the oldest principles of trade and marketing is to sell the benefits of the item, not its specific characteristics. Unfortunately, Web is just saturated with an excess of sites with absolutely meaningless, confusing or useless content. Inability to understand the contents of the site makes people just miss it. Naturally, the use of obscure fonts and vague explanations is a correct method to scare away visitors from the web site. Lack of useful and clear content on the page annoys visitors and is one of the most common causes of serious falls in sales.


Promotion of the site in search engines is called “search engine optimization” of a website (SEO – Search Engine Optimization). The more specific text on the site , the more accurate and better the site will be displayed in the search engines. Thus search engine optimization can be considered as the main method of marketing to web sites, and the use of clear and understandable keywords – the basic method of search engine optimization of websites, because just on these words depend the search results that will be issued to the user of search engine.


Unclear words and vague content can harm the usability of web site not only when a visitor is directly on it, but can make such a site be rejected to the last position in the search results of search engines.

Why it is necessary regularly maintain and support the site

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The fact that a big company should have a website, no one argues, because it can be used to attract hundreds of new customers from all over the country. But, sometimes while spending a lot of money on beautiful design, interesting content and excellent functionality, the owners of web resources often do not think about the fact that they need also technical support – regular maintenance of the site, ensuring its smooth functionality. Unsupported portals don’t attract customers and bring no profit to the owner, and also they can be a source of spreading viral programs.


In fact, the website is a standard software product that provides users with access to the information published in graphic and text form. Like any program it needs regular administration of the application programmer, in this case – a web master, who monitors the correct functionality of the database, corrects scripts that protect against viruses and hacker attacks. On the other hand, it is particularly valuable information that needs to be relevant and interesting to visitors, well- structured and always available. Do not forget that on any Web site from time to time new sections appear and outdated information is removed or transferred to the archive, and small changes in the design can be made, such as those associated with the existing shares or upcoming holidays.


How to organize technical support?

The cheapest way, at first sight is to do everything yourself. Indeed, quite everybody, who has a good knowledge of internet marketing, design, web programming, administration, and has a lot of free time can take the self- service of the site and provide technical support to it. However, this option has a downside – if you do not have a sufficient amount of knowledge and are not able to immediately correct the emerging crashes, you can lose not only new, but also regular customers who will switch to competitors because of the unavailability of your website.


Large companies, who do not require careful optimization of costs, think big – they hire a qualified webmaster – or rather two, as in the most crucial moment your employee can always get sick, go on vacation or just quit. If this option is optimal for you, you only need to remember that webmasters are not involved, for example, in design, and solutions to these issues, you have to attract additional specialized professionals.


If you do not have free time, and a major expansion of the staff also does not fit, you can request technical support to Website Company, specializing in the support of Internet projects and bringing together experts in various fields. For example, the cost of a monthly subscription for site services in some companies clearly depends on a specific set of services you need, as defined in the contract, but even the maximum tariff is worth considerably less than the salary of one webmaster.

Usability of your website

The design of a website


What means bizarre word “usability”? If you want to do design, you have to understand its nature and functions. To put this concept in a nutshell, we can call usability a measure of the quality of user experience, which is generated during the work with the system or product, such as a Web site. Also with the help of usability can be measured “friendliness” of a site or application interface and improved the intelligibility and naturalness of the system to the user. In this sense, the site should provide flexibility for the visitor, logic, well thought-out and functionality. Therefore, usability – is not only one factor, but a combination of factors that affect the end user experience. Particularly, these factors include the ease of learning, which is measured by a time interval sufficient for the development of the user facing the first program to perform common tasks, and efficiency of use, which is measured after the mastering of primitive operations in the system and is characterized by quick implementation of the tasks. Also, among the factors, that can be identified, memorability should be mentioned, i.e. how accurately the user, who has worked with the system, will be able to recall the necessary manipulations, errors taking into consideration their number and severity, and subjective satisfaction, i.e. user satisfaction with the system work. If usability rules are not followed, the productivity will fall.

According to some companies, because of poor site usability the loss of online retailers can reach 50%, as this part of the potential customers just leave the site, because they cannot find a product they are interested, they just go to a competitor, who has great usability. Moreover, 40% of users who had a negative experience with a particular site do not come back to it any more.

To ensure that users do not turn away from your site, it is necessary to ensure an acceptable rate of the site and a nice design, because no one wants to wait long for downloading or learning how to use the website.

Before providing your own sweet creation with a brilliant uniqueness to the user, you should test the created site, having a typical set of operations with the system under development. Write down all your actions, what difficulties did you meet and involve more users in testing the system, independently of each other. The resulting data should be collected and analyzed, and after processing can be drawn conclusions about the necessary changes. Without these steps the process of usability development is simply impossible.

Also, try to pick content, in what users of the site are interested in. To put the useful content you can be helped by content management system. For ease while reading break information into small fragments with subtitles, use tables and lists.

Design of your website and its success – a single whole

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Surely, you have noticed not just once that, when you come to a very interesting site, you will certainly want to leave it, close the tab as soon as possible. And you leave a web page, even in spite of the interesting information on the site, which, perhaps, you have already lost the desire to read. And the main reason of your behavior was disgusting design of that web site.

And, contrary to popular belief, beautiful design of the site does not mean that it is convenient for users and potential customers, who can access your resource for the transaction or purchase. And some of the “craftsmen” believe that the promotion of sites – the main path in the success of the project, and they do not pay attention to its design. Here are a few tips that you should know when designing and creating the design of your site:


1. The color scheme of the site and background clearance must correspond to the topics of the portal. If you open e-business center, it is not necessary to impose on the background all sorts of distractive vivid pictures, especially if they are also dynamic. The same applies to the backgrounds for websites that will act as an online store. The brightness and beauty – this is good, but it should not distract the visitor from the purpose of coming to the site.


2. Follow the proportion of the size of fonts and lettering. Just unbearable to look at the text on the page, written by the giant or, on the contrary, by microscopic letters. Do not go to extremes. Take pity on the visitors.


3. If you decided for sure that the background of your site will not be monotonous, and the design will be accompanied by pictures and other graphics in addition, you should pay attention to the compatibility of colors and their psychological load on the visitors. This is especially important for e-commerce sites. Note that the combination of white and blue colors have more psychological impact on women, and the combination of black and yellow – on men. What kind of audience you want to attract to your website – such color combinations you should use. Yes, and site promotion itself implies skillful use of color schemes that may affect customers psychologically. The combination of red and white colors calls to action on a subconscious level. This combination is just perfect for e-commerce sites that encourage their users to purchase the advertised product.


Thus, every detail in the design of the site contributes to its success. So do not neglect them and think carefully about every design detail of the future successful project, of course, if you want it to be successful.

Web Design – Review

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At the dawn of the Internet, when the first standards and technologies for web sites just started to appear, there was, in fact, only one profession – Web master. One person usually made the whole site from the start to the end. Although, from the beginning of mass development of virtual space only a little more than 10 years have passed, the situation has changed dramatically, and those days seem to be faraway for us now. Of course, there are now simple sites, which are made by one person, who has mastered the basics of html, and such site can be done by you as well, but for any complex project it is usual to divide the process of building a website into stages, each of which requires special knowledge and experience, and often each of these stages of site runs by a specialist, someone who is not used to doing anything else. In general, when working on the site creation, the following steps can be distinguished:

  •  Design
  •  Layout
  •  Development
  •  The selection of hosting and setting proper environment on the server
  •  ” promotion” or “optimization ” (which, in fact, one and the same) of the site that is attracting visitors and increase the ranking of your site in the web.

Of course, strictly speaking, here should be included also the steps like the development of the idea of ​​the site, filling it with content, but these tasks are not the tasks that are specific to web-building technology, so we have missed them .

In this article, we will start with the review of the first element of the list – design, with which, as a rule, begins building of web sites.
Typically, the original picture, on which we’ll see the future view of the page, is drawn in a special program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw (these programs are often used by web designers to work with raster and vector graphics). The end result of the designer’s work, for example, a file in .psd format (such extensions are used by Photoshop),  is not yet ready for posting on the Internet – the file is transferred to the front-end engineer, who cuts the image into separate elements, embedding them into the html code of the page. But to think that the main skill of web designers is basically the knowledge and ability to use graphic editors, would be a big mistake. To make a good original design is a very difficult task and you need to have not only the experience and knowledge of technology, but also a good artistic taste. At the same time, precisely because of the subjectivity of the criteria of good design, a specific list of rules that can be examined for creating good websites does not exist. However, there are some general guidelines, following which will make possible to avoid serious mistakes.


1) Before creating the design you need to think over the site concept and to be clear about what content should be placed on the page. Despite the fact that the claim is fairly obvious, many people, especially beginners in creating websites, make the mistake of assuming that you can first create a design, and then, starting from the design, make the page structure and content. These attempts, as a rule, are not successful.


2) It is better to make a simple but stylish website, than tasteless, glutted with graphics and animation. It is desirable that the site does not have anything extra.


3) The functionality and ease of use should be more important than the design part. Initially, you need to take care that the visitor, who came to the site for the first time, could easily navigate and quickly access the information necessary for him, and only then make your page looking nice.


If you want a beautiful and complex site, and you do not have the time or ability to create a really decent design, the way out of this situation would be to use ready-made site templates. There are a significant number of places in the Internet where you can find them, both for money and free, there are ready-made templates for all occasions. However, this practice must be used with caution – although, on the one hand, the use of a good template is often a better option than your own not well-made original design, however, it is not always possible to find a template that would absolutely correspond to the subject, content, the structure of your site, while a design that is specially made for a particular project, has no such limitations.

Although the Internet is now filled with lots of sites, and in the web design industry are working a lot of designers who call their work “stylish”, “professional” etc., it should be remembered that the design of sites, despite its specificity – is not a craft, but creative process, and neither experience nor knowledge of technology here is not decisive. Good results in this case cannot be achieved by learning the rules or copying someone else’s findings, using ready-made elements, and so on, the main thing here – to rely on your own taste, look in each case for your own solutions.

The Website Design LA Difference



Los Angeles Web Design is a top web developing company, based in Los Angeles, California, offering its services in the wider areas of southern California. Our main goal is to show and promote your work or business via the Internet in the best possible and most approachable and effective way. To accomplish that, we create innovative web site solutions, sophisticated but easy to locate and understand website designs and of course custom applications that we think are appropriate to your business.


Small businesses, organizations and or personal web sites for individuals are all serviced in our company in the most suitable way and design for you. We are in position to handle all the work for you; we design, create, host and promote your web site and thus your work. HTML, XHTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP, PERL, and CGI are the programs we use. As a company Website Design LA has excelled its specialties which are custom back-end web database and e-commerce website development services.


Our resilient developers are always ready to show you ideas which fit best to your demands and able to work on them shortly after we have decided upon the form and content of your site. Our programmers have the experience and equipment to make your dream come true. We are in position to open up a wide market for your business to flourish and take and maintain your website to a whole new level, since the core of cinema and film making business in located in Los Angeles and this means that your business will have an accountable placement in a vast market. Our company Website Design LA’s services are truly a fresh look on how you will have your work shown and promoted via Internet, providing you with easy navigation potentiality and excellent ranking system with regard to the viewers; these are all elements that ensure maximum visibility for all engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Our work is represented by highly experienced and very skilful developers who make designs for all types of potential clients and easy to be understood and handled by common users. We handle sites for a wide range of industries and for many different sizes. We work on Microsoft and database technologies that include Windows 2000 Server, IIS, ASP, Commerce Server 2000, SQL Server, Access, and XML Web services. We also use Cold Fusion, Java, and MySQL for non-Microsoft environments.

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Internet is rapidly growing into the leading platform for small business and not only. Website Design Los Angeles is setting the standard for gearing to the maximum of its potential in Los Angeles as well as on a nationwide scale. In the vast online business market of a value of approximately $40 billion, small business’s endeavours are its fastest growing segment. It is estimated that 20% of all internet revenues will be generated through these small businesses in the years to come. If you want to follow that growth and advance your business’s level in the online market, contact us for a free consultation.


We are willing to consult you on any given site project that matches your idea and you may have found something similar in our portfolio, or we can design and create a whole new, pioneer, one, so as to fulfil your needs and your vision, regardless how small or big it is. We can provide you all the necessary information that you need so as to decide what you like best, before we go on with the designing of the site. We are aware that your time as well as ours is valuable, so all this procedure takes place so as to save us both time and effort especially in the editing stages. So we mainly discuss on the budget, the time needed for the project to be completed, the content and other data required for the project, the layout and colours preferred; we also discuss on samples of websites you might have seen and are relevant to your business or samples we have made for other clients, and somehow fit to your needs and demands. Above all is the goal of the website itself, what you do need to state online, and what you expect out of that online presentation, since each business has its own needs, and these have to be fully expressed, reflected and demonstrated.


Our services are offered especially with regard to premiere internet marketing applications in Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Santa Monica, CA, Hollywood CA, West Hollywood CA, Westwood Village CA, Orange County CA, and Ventura County CA. Please contact us to have the opportunity to get a free consultation meeting and let us explain you all the range of our services in person.

If Designing Websites isn’t What You Do Best, Leave it to a Team that’s Made it their Passion: Website Design LA



You may have many times thought about designing your website on your own. You have surely found relative sites online, which promise to help you do that and you may also have abandon the idea shortly after. This is why you should definitely hire an expert to do that for you and your business. At Website Design LA we provide you with the best, well trained and highly experienced artists, who will help you make your dream come true and place your valuable small or big business online, in the best and most effective way and in high ranking. Our artists know exactly where to place your products properly so as they get optimal effect. Our experienced collaborators know very well what software is required for the creation of websites and further development and ranking.


A website design agency with a wide range of skills and artistic fortitude portfolio is exactly what you need so as to make your online presentation noticeable and consequently your business profitable. Designs of elegance and quality should of course be taken seriously into account, as well as consistency and formation, accompanied with flexibility and punctuality. You can surely be assisted by checking the developer’s work with regard to its clients: do they continue using their site? If the answer is yes, this means they are happy with it and well taken care of. If this is the case, this means they have increased their income, their traffic, so their business or products or profile are presented in an excellent and suitable way for them, thus their work is fully supported and has become wider known and in demand. In Website Design LA we are able to fulfil all your demands and desires, and the next step is to have our collaborators, designers and programmers deliver your site as soon as possible.


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Customizing the Website Your Business Needs to Succeed Online



In Website Design LA we can ensure you that you are going to be equipped with a website that will be an extremely useful tool for your business. Our first and main goal is to have a handy and easy to track, user friendly site, that will meet your needs. Competition in Los Angeles is a major issue, so it is of great importance for us to service your business in the most profitable and trustful way. That is why we pay great respect and attention to our relationship. We know very well that you have to trust us completely. That’s why consistency and familiarity are two important features of our work and samples. Every single detail of your site, content, layout, fonts, shades will be mutually decided upon and be especially appealing to your target groups. Your site will be supported by short but important messages that will please your viewers, customers and buyers, so as a trustful relationship be established between your business and potential clients. That is why we take good care of the website structure of your online business; we give great emphasis in building a strong consumer confidence, effective streamline navigation, and increase natural search engine rankings. As you might already know Flash has become standard in website design and creation. Los Angeles Web Design’s expert Flash designers use this great technology to create amazing site introductions for blockbuster movies and effective corporate training presentations.


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Los Angeles Web Design


Los Angeles Web Design provides web development and design services in Los Angeles, California. Our clients get the most innovative web site solutions, creative website designs and custom website applications. Los Angeles Web Design  is offering web design for small businesses, organizations, and personal web sites for individuals. We can design, create, and host your web site. We program sites using HTML, XHTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP, PERL, and CGI.

Website Design LA specializes in custom back-end web database and e-commerce website development services. Our team of highly experienced developers builds quality website designs for organizations of all sizes in many different industries. We work on Microsoft and database technologies that include Windows 2000 Server, IIS, ASP, Commerce Server 2000, SQL Server, Access, and XML Web services. We also utilize Cold Fusion, Java, and MySQL for non-Microsoft environments.

We are a collective group of website developers and experienced programmers that will bring your vision to life. This website is our window of opportunities for small businesses and big enterprises. Based in the film-making capital of the world, Los Angeles, California, it is our mission to take your website to a whole new level. Website Design L A is a fresh alternative to other website development companies with an exciting new look, super easy navigation capabilities, and a viewer-generated ranking system that insures more visibility for all search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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In the competitive market of Los Angeles Website Design it is important to build a website that fits your needs. Website Design LA works with the most experienced web developers that can achieve the highest level of quality in website applications. Our website design process includes the most effective and efficient website structure for your online business, build consumer confidence, streamline navigation, and increase natural search engine rankings.

Your web site is the connecting point between your online business and your customers. Los Angeles Web Design does more than just paint a pretty picture on your web site. Website Design Los Angeles offers qualified designers that work with your company to create an engaging web experience, revitalizing your web presence, and increasing its visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our design process begins with a FREE consultation meeting. In this first step, our design team aims to fully understand your company’s design objectives. We can conduct our creative meeting by coming to your company’s location.

Whether you are building an e-commerce presence in Los Angeles, an online dating service with custom databases, or an online art gallery with a unique presence, the core of any online application is the database that it is pulling information from. Website Design LA with over 15 years of experience in Los Angeles creating interactive websites online, we have achieved what it takes to fulfill all of your website needs. Our professional team can customize your e-commerce website solutions to include the business logic that you need to showcase your product online and develop custom applications to your satisfaction. We have experience in database development and e-commerce website applications, as well as a strong background with a wide variety of web applications in ASP,,, PHP, and more.