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Consequently, we can support your online image with one or more suitable videos with regard to your products, photo galleries, services, acts, etc. As mentioned above, a web video is a great tool to facilitate selling your products and/or services online. It gives you the ability to inform web viewers and obviously provide visual details that are impossible to put in writing. With over five years of experience developing videos we are able to prepare for you all types of web videos to fit your business needs, including instructional videos, mini commercials, informative videos, interviews and much more.


LA Web Design offers web video development in Los Angeles, California to companies so they can showcase their products and services online. A web video is a great tool to facilitate selling your products and/or services online. It gives you the ability to inform web viewers and provide visual details that are impossible to put in writing. We provide all types of videos to fit your business needs including, instructional videos, mini commercials, informative videos, interviews, and much more.

We post your web video onto one of our custom built video players, which is then implemented on your website. You can easily manage your videos online, upload multiple videos, add and delete videos as you wish, and keep your video files up to date.

Service and functionality

You all know that business on the internet is an absolutely functional way to attract customers across the nation and most of all worldwide! It makes it possible for you to have the exposure needed to reach out to viewers outside of your area and expands your visibility to a wide range of potential customers. It is common truth that tracking customers online in your area as well as nationwide is hard to achieve.


This is exactly where we can be of your assistance: we can help you track customers in the best possible way and effectively. Successful online exposure is your key phrase for your company's promotion and growth of advertisement strategies, in whatever competitive area or field.


Here at Website Design LA we are experts in building and designing a profitable website to get your business exposed to viewers everywhere.

Up to date maintenance


The truth is that we offer only the best programming and quality of video and photo in order to keep your inventory and information up to date. Our experience and techniques to support your website for your business or online store with video, is absolutely justified by our five years of hard, productive work and inspiring design.

It is our strong belief that a customer knows his business best. This is really important for both sides, because that way we can both be driven to the best possible results. With the information that you give us we can provide you with an additional administrative tool, in which the customer can easily upload products, photos, videos, descriptions, samples of work etc. Once the information is uploaded, it is saved instantly onto the website and it gives the customer the ability to keep their website updated at all times.

Our strategic planning is focused on providing:

  • Custom designs with innovative features
  • Resources to set up your online store
  • Unique designs for business identity online
  • Online control for managing products, updating information and uploading videos.
  • Flexible pricing to fit your budget
  • Customer requirements and concerns
  • Constant website updates and maintenance
  • Evaluate your current website and your competition


Whether you want to add a video for your company or upload a video for you work (actors, singers, directors, etc) we have the experience to guarantee that you will have the best presentation on the internet, through a creative design and search engine optimization. So please feel free to ask more by calling us at (310) 266-9110.

To get a better idea browse through our samples of videos below and find out why we are the best at what we do and how we can take your website from zero to success. We not only provide you with a unique, creative production that is sure to help you stand out from your competition but we also provide you with marketing solutions that is sure to bring you the best promotion ever and great profit.


Another great asset at Website Design LA is our website maintenance service and support for any type of changes you may have. We are fully aware that websites need to be updated continuously in order to keep them working properly and to help them grow, and present the course of the company. It is possible for most of the websites to encounter problems or have data of any type that is out of date and therefore you will need to pay a developer or website designer to fix it. We ensure you that allowing us to maintain your website, which we offer as a service, prevents future setbacks that the website may encounter, especially for your videos and any other type of changes you may have. Our representatives stand by so as to assist you in any problems or changes that you may have for your website. It is our great concern that any changes, upgrades or uploads be delivered on time so you can have a piece of mind and prompt results which is what we strive for here at Website Design LA.


Validity and responsibility

We take great pride and responsibility for what we do, and stand for, that is why our company continues to grow, offering you the best and newest web technologies available. We are up to date on new web technologies so we can provide you with modern web techniques so you can increase our traffic and your visibility on major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. Our special offer is a personal web video player to incorporate into your website for personalization and exposure. If you are selling a product or showcasing a business, or wish to present your work as an actor, or singer or anything with regard to showbiz, this video player is sure to give your website that extra something to help attract more web viewers. Don't have a video to showcase? This is not a problem at all… we have experience in filming and editing HD (high definition) videos and are more than willing to come down to your business to film a mini commercial, interview, or an informative video about your product and/or business. High Definition is currently the best visual image for TV, videos, cinema and much more, so why not have the best technology incorporated into your website? By now you can probably see that we are a versatile web design company and that is what makes us a leading provider in the industry.


We offer only the best design and results for your website including up to date web technologies to keep your website modern and your videos more alive than ever. Our vast experience and our attention to detail make us able to accommodate all of your needs on the internet business. Whether, you have a video you wish to upload or you need us to do it, we promise to give you all the necessary tools to provide you with the best internet presentation and profitable results in short time. Practically you only have to browse through our website and find out how we can help you start your very own identity on the World Wide Web. Our services are available in Los Angeles California, Hollywood, California for all actors, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and San Francisco and of course worldwide. Note that small businesses are of course included in our clientele.

In detail our services are as follows:

We are a full service Web Design agency providing web site design, E-commerce, website development, web video development, web video development in Hollywood, California for all actors, video development for small businesses.

We also offer:

  • website design for educational institutes, universities, colleges, non-profit organizations, charitable and social service organizations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and San Francisco.
  • web video development in Los Angeles to companies so they can showcase their products and services online. A web video is a great tool to facilitate selling your products and/or services online
  • web video development and commercials for car dealerships to showcase vehicles, cars accessories, parts and services, rims and tires and used cars.
  • home tour videos for real estate agencies.


Website Design LA has been developing Web sites since 1994, in Los Angeles California and we are experts in Web Video development. So get a free consultation at 310-266-9110.


So no matter what the occasion or purpose Website Design LA can provide you with an amazing video to help your business or to simply capture an important event in your life. You let us know what the video is for, provide us with essential details, and you leave the rest to us.


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