Build A Website

How To Build A Website That Sells

So you want to build a website? It's estimated that by 2008 90% of all brick and mortar businesses will have a company website. Before the dot com burst in 2000, businesses needed a compelling reason to build a website. Since that time, the reasons have materialized and can be easily summarized below:
  • Extended Reach
  • Affordability
  • Visual Representation/Portfolio
  • eCommerce Reduces Labor Costs
  • Business Maturity / Professionalism
It's easy to see the value of extending your business to the Internet. The big question now is do you have your nephew build your website or do you hire a professional organization, such as Website Design LA, to do the work? We encourage you to challenge your potential design company with the following questions to see if they would be the right company to help you build your website:
  • Do you build websites that give a professional impression?
  • Are the websites "search engine friendly"?
  • Do the websites offer content and search terms used by competitors?
  • Can the website capture analytical data, such as commerce conversions?
  • Does the website offer syndication or a blog (RSS)?
  • Can visitors interact or be engaged by the content?
  • Is someone available 24/7 to assist with the website?
When you're ready to build a website that meets all the criteria above, please give us a call. We are confident that you will be both satisfied and impressed with website and the traffic our superior design drives to your new online business channel.