Building Web 2.0 Websites the Right Way

If you don't already know, Web 2.0 is the name given to websites creatived with interactive content that share a common "2007+ feel" about them. These Web 2.0 sites are typically driven by technology such as AJAX, a programming language (sort of) that allows for interaction on a webpage without having to be redirected to different web address.

The good, the bad and AJAX. Web 2.0 offers users the ability to perform tasks much quicker and more dynamically than ever before. To be considered a full Web 2.0 website, the content should include Really Simple Syndication (RSS), social bookmark buttons, and should offer some great tool that no other website offers. The problem comes down to making the website search engine-friendly. After all, search engines capture your web address (URL) and crawl through links to best determine the topic of the website. Web 2.0 websites typically don't have many pages (since everything happens on one page), and the text is dynamically rendered after the webcrawler has analyzed and indexed the page.

Read more about Web 2.0 at the Wikipedia.

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