Web Layout

A Web Layout Tells a Thousand Words

Your site could drive ten millions visit per day and lose nearly all of them without one conversion if the web layout of your website doesn't follow best website layout practices. We are masters at layouts & can help you build the ideal theme for your online business.
  1. Keep your navigation intuitive and easy to follow
  2. Avoid using animated images, they draw the attention from the converting content
  3. Avoid using sound in your web layout (nobody likes to wait for a page to load)
  4. Use soft colors, or colors that are easy on the eyes
  5. Keep in mind browser settings and work toward a width of 800 pixels or less
  6. For commercial websites, insure the means to convert is extremely prominent
  7. Avoid image-based or JavaScript-based navigation, which can't be read by Google
  8. Turn your website layout into a fun, interactive, but simple website
  9. Your logo should be bar none the highest priority and be something easy to remember
Why put yourself through the frustration of doing your own web layout, when a professional organization such as Website Design Los Angeles, could do the work in typically 1/10th the time it takes you. How much is your time worth? You get the idea. Give us a call today so we can share web layout ideas and discuss your website project in more detail.