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Read This Before You Create A Website On Your Own

Create a Website with Website Design LAThe biggest mistake small business owners make after making the decision to create a website to sell products or services is not doing enough research. Below is a case study of one our clients before coming to us to rebuild his website:

Jean owned a small retail business based out of Los Angeles. He struggled each month to make ends meet with skyrocking expenses such as office rent and labor costs. All of his competitors owned websites, many of whom were able to close their brick and mortar office and operate soley from their website profits. Meanwhile, Jean was at the point of dipping into his personal finances to stay afloat so he finally made the decision to create a website of his own.

So to create a website, he called his cousin, a web savvy college student who knew more about the web than he did and wouldn't charge him more than a couple hundred dollars for the work. It took his cousin six months to build the website, which could not be found in any search website (such as Google, MSN or Yahoo!) when potential clients searched for his products and services. His site had an extremely slow time and didn't look anything like his competitors, being difficult to navigate and full of distracting animated images. A year went by and even though Jean had given out his card, his website never received more than 10 visits per month and never sold a single product.

That's when Jean came to us to create a website the professional way, with a company that understood Internet marketing and web analyitics. Within a month* Jean's website was rebuilt. The newly created website offered interactive content, a product search feature, syndication-enabled, and over 30 pages of keyword targeted content for the search engines. After the new pages matured online (3-6 months), Jean's pages we created were appearing all over the search engine result pages without ever spending a dime on promotion.

However, many of the search terms his target audience typed in weren't ranking as high as the big players in the market (such as, so Jean decided to invest in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with us. We implimented a strategy that not only drove 700% more traffic to Jean's website, but thanks to the improved click-through-rate (CTR), his site began to rank higher than the big companies for popular search terms. Jean closed his brick and mortar office September of 2006 and runs his business from his laptop and spends his days with his family and not locked behind a desk.

If you're ready to have a website created by professionals who understand your business and can capture the strategies of your competitors before creating a website, call us today to hear just how affordable our service can be.

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